The Toastery with the Mostery

Our Story

Best friends since they were eight years old, Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard share a passion for good times, good food, and the performing arts. Turns out that’s a pretty good combination for the restaurant business.

In 2005, they opened their first Toastery in Huntersville, NC with three more to follow. By 2013, they turned their big idea into a thriving franchise system. Today, nearly 25+ Famous Toasteries have popped up along the East Coast with more on the way.


Brian Burchill

For Your Community.

Giving back is not only a great way to launch each day; it’s a great way to launch a Famous Toastery. Each time a Famous Toastery opens, we donate 100% of the first two days’ proceeds to local non-profit organizations. This sets a new franchise on a righteously sound road and helps the communities who make our restaurants a success.


Robert Maynard