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FSR Magazine: Is it Really Possible to Reduce Employee Turnover in a Restaurant?

June 14, 2019

Written by: Lauren Kaminski

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Famous Toastery CEO Robert Maynard discussed how Famous Toastery focuses on work-life balance by giving employees two days off in a row. On average, a shift is 7-8 hours, and employees have access to the executive team to talk about business and growth opportunities. Robert also elaborated on how Famous Toastery gives employees the flexibility to move within the system to any location they want e.g. if someone wants to move to Virginia and lives in Charlotte, they will transfer them to keep retain them.

“When customers walk in, staff knows their name, anticipates what they order, and even knows the name of the family’s dog. Breakfast is a personal meal, and it’s shared by the staff,” Maynard says.