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Wall Street Journal: Famous Toastery Featured in “In This Economy, Quitters Are Winning”

June 14, 2019

Written by: Brian Jaeger

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The low unemployment rate and strong economy is creating a tight hiring climate for restaurants in the franchise industry, like growing better breakfast brand, Famous Toastery.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that 3.4 million Americans quit their jobs in April according to the Labor Department. Robert Maynard, co-founder and CEO of Famous Toastery, has invested in showing promising existing employees a pathway to a career through management or even franchise ownership.

However, the head of the 30-unit-and-expanding chain understands that the strong economy is a sign that consumers have more money to spend.

“The restaurant industry has enjoyed paying people very low salaries for a long time,” Maynard told the Wall Street Journal. “The employees deserve it—they waited 20 years—good for them.”

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